Kikuboshi 45 Tokusen, Lightly Restored, Shave Ready(95% or so??)


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I sometimes get asked for something good enough in quality but not as expensive to practice on, before they tackle their Iwasaki Tamahgane W razors that they got/are getting from me.

While I can make this razor "appear" better by reflecting bright light off it, that would not show the true appearance/condition of this razor, so I tried to photograph its WORST look. It will probably feel much nicer in your hands, unless you already have a good collection of rare and mint condition razors, but then again, such hardcore collector would not be interested in this sort of average condition razor, so yeah, again, I would assume this one should not seem too bad for anyone learning how to handle and maintain straight edge razors.

I can take out the rust marks further either by using stones (that's an all out restoration), or by applying coarse polishing compound, but this (especially the former!!) will incur crazy amount of extra, which would be way way way more than the razor price itself, I would recommend you to not to ask for any further restoration, at least not with this one.

I have taken out the rust as much as possible, so the surface is ni~~~ce and smooth. IF in any case you wish to bring it to mint level perfection, I "can" instruct, but I say don't bother, if you are going to spend so much effort and also a bit of money as well readying all the necessary stones, etc. I would recommend to do it with something more special.

If you would like to do this, I can supply rusty but very very rare and high quality ones like Iwasaki Tamahagane, etc, but..., be ready for hou~~~~~~rs and hours of grinding ultra hard steel.... It will probably take you at least 50 hours or so.

I've spent about an hour removing the rust as nicely as possible without inflicting any ugly scratch lines, and another half an hour or so setting the bevel and putting the edge on.

FYI, the progression went Shapton J Pro 1000, 2000, Inokura Aoto, Yaginoshima Suita, and finally my super fine Nakayama Namito, and my semi-secret lazy stropping method without any leather.

It has bare~~~ly passed the hanging hair test, so it should shave comfy enough, but if you are a Hollywood star, please give me an autograph... (I am particularly a fan of Johnny Depp, just heard from a film crew friend of mine that he's a nice guy in person too! I wonder how he manages to keep his sanity!), no no, what I meant to say was, if you are, then please refine the edge a bit more yourself, so that your Hollywood face won't get burned!

Oato ga yoroshii youde~~~. Hihihi....(^^) (Ma~ybe, this Rakugo expression cannot be found any English translation on the web???)

Ma~~~~n..., so much writing on such cheap item..., I ought to reconsider my business strategy..., Ha, whom am I kidding, I enjoy this too much, I guess I'll do as I please!!!!

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