Henkotsu Nichou-gake JT Custom Restored and Polished w/ Kiri Box


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An unusual Nichou-gake size (double size) Henkotsu, the famous "Iyademo Kireru (Shaves No Matter What!)" model.

Fully hand finished by JT. Reshaped, front hollow reground to perfection, finished applying Katana polishing method. No machine has touched this work...(I simply don't have any machines, hahaha.... I kinda wished that I did, because it is so tough~~~~~!!!)

Judging from the lamination, it is most likely some sort of a Swedish or Austrian (nah mate, not Australian) pure carbon steel, from Uddeholm or Schoeller-Bleckmann, or po~~~~ssibly Hitachi WS#1, but unlikely, too difficult to forge with.

The bevel has been set, but it is NOT shave ready whatsoever. While I have lost my sanity with many things, I am not yet crazy enough to think that my crummy honing will satisfy you crazy razor fans out there, so please hone yourself and enjoy the quality of the steel from the first time you get this baby.

Since I Kasumi polished the front side hollow, there is a very visible Utsuri (check this Katana term on the net, if you are not familiar with this term) like pattern showing on the jigane. I tried to capture it with my digicam, but mine being centuries old SONY Cyber-shot, this was the best I could do. With the light reflecting, the camera just could not focus. The difficulty was very much like with the Katanas.

It is more visible in the first close up photo, below the light reflection. In the second photo, it is somewhat visible above the reflection. I am NOT referring to the lamination line which is totally visible, but the pattern ON JIGANE PART. The new owner of this Kamisori shall see much much better if you will see it in your hands.

(Better photo showing the Utsuri added. The Utsuri goes a bit higher than what the photo is showing, to about midway from the edge to the spine side, like a rainbow in a way, with many layers, along the entire lamination line from the tip to the end. Far more visible to your naked eyes. Very beautiful.... Looking almost like Rentetsu of some sort, but way way more reserved, closer to Katanas.)

The spine is mirror polished, but not entirely. At the tip and the end, I have employed the polisher's signature Kasumi polish deriving from Katana polishing custom.

The box's writing reads "On-nihon-kamisori Nichou-gake Henkotsu (Your Japanese Kamisori, Double Size, by Henkotsu.)"

Kamisori as well as the box will be shipped from Australia.

As it takes way too much time to reshape and polish like this, I will probably not be doing this, at least not too often.... Takes up too much of my time! For the time that I had to spend on this work, I wish to charge a bit more..., but respecting the price of Iwasaki-san's Nichou-gake Kamisori, altho the finish is on a different level, I decided to keep it at least below my Iwasaki Nichou-gake price.

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