Iwasaki Tamahagane Kamisori JT Custom Restored 2


Further reduced to raise fund.

The item will ship from Australia. Shipping needs to be adjusted according to the destination.

JT restored, literally going all out. With Iwasaki-san signed custom kiri box. Bevel is set, but not shave ready. The edge has been casually polished up with my Kato Maruka Nakayama Namito, but can surely be further refined.

Can be made shave ready for a fee, about 4000JPY. It takes that much effort! But I believe most of you would wish to enjoy honing yourself???


Overall Length: 150mm

Blade Length (length of the laminated Tamahagane): 53mm (currently 46mm touching the stone. Will increase to full 53mm once you will have used up another few mms.)

Blade Width: 18mm at the widest.

The bevel is currently set at apx 24.5 degrees. Mint Iwasaki is set to about 25 degrees.


Not electrolysis cleaned, not glass bead blasted, not machine ground. All done by hand mainly with stones, emplyoing Iwasaki-san taught method.

The important back side (which will eventually definitely form the edge) fortunately happened to be pristine clean, so I have not done anything to it, left the original finish. Hence the Iwasaki mei stamp is still with the black oxide.

As you can see, front and the back, no rust pits to be worried about that might come out to form the edge. THIS IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!!! If the back side is heavily rusted, or if there's much deep rust pits on the front side, it's pretty much a goner. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, how much I pretty it up, I will not be able to restore to an usable state.

I sometimes see such Kamisoris/Razors restored and made look pretty (not so much to my eyes, but enough to impress many I suppose), but while they may be used as ornaments, they will not shave.

You need to be very careful about this when it comes to old restored Kamisoris or Razors. The superficial appearance being shiny does not promise proper shaving. You need to be sure that there are no pits hidden under the bright light reflecting off the blade. Even worse, if such pits are readily visible, you'd better stay away. For this reason, I try not to use strong lighting to shoot so that you can observe the actual condition as much as possible. Only with natural light, with blind shut even.

This is the first time listing a restored piece from my collection for sale. I occasionally show my restored Iwasakis to people who contact me directly, but never listed it available to be purchased thru the cart system. I was apprehensive of listing any of my Iwasaki collection pieces on my cart site, because I might not get to speak to the user directly, depending on how busy I am.

But for this level tool, I wish to see to it that you possess all the necessary knowledge and stones/equipments to properly look after and maintain, both the high polish (especially if it's a Western razor) as well as the cutting edge. So if you are unsure, please make sure to request for my assistance in the message box, and I will supply both the knowledge and stones necessary.

This high polish is quite unique, so I will have to instruct the new owner, how to maintain, what to use, how to apply, etc. etc. You cannot just polish using buffs loaded with polishing compound, or even worse use wet and dry paper. Either will lose my fine polish.

For this item, IF you do not have all the necessary stones and equipments to look after this baby, I wish to supply myself, so that you are getting THE RIGHT stuffs.

Since my strong point is not at all in the competitive pricing, there must be many sources that you can get the same/similar item that I carry for less, or even much less???

Getting items from other shops, normally I have absolutely no problem with that. I have no intention to compete with other shops at all, which you can probably see from my uncompetitive pricing (this is because I cannot afford to become any busier, will cause my dad trouble too.) And as many of you returning guys should know, I even send people to certain shops in the US if you are an American, so that you'll save on the shipping, even when I have no connection with such shops at all.

BUT!!!! for this specific item, let me be straight and say that I am most likely the only one capable of choosing the right stones/equipments to maintain especially the unique polish. But I am aware that I have my problem of uncompetitive pricing at the same time.

So~!! I gave it a quick thought and came up with an interesting way to make sure of this, that I will personally be able to instruct as well as supply.

For all items that you can find sold for less from other shops/sellers, I will match the lowest price you can find and show me. For natural stones, I will take 10~20% off from the listed prices, or my usual price for items that are not listed on the cart page yet, should something not listed will be better for your personal needs.

This much, I think it is vital that you speak to MOI!!!! Capisce!?

One more thing! It seems I am sometimes mentioned in various forums, and some who appreciated my service a lot, praise me as THE authority on the subject. While that is very true (really??????), I wish to make sure that you know that you do not have to be nervous speaking to me, or asking questions.

When I sense some nervousness in the asking person, I always say "There's no such thing as dumb question, only answers can be dumb. So don't hesitate to ask me anything." That is how I really think/believe. And as many of you know, I love explaining things, whether to a super skilled users like say Chris-sensei (Chris Hall), or an ultra novice who has no idea whatsoever, I enjoy regardless, hence spend too much time explaining, ending up making less than the dole and having to be always "Temporarily Closed" to new customers....

So this is not just limited to this item, but if you will be speaking to me, and wish to ask something, don't hold back. No matter how silly the question may seem to you, I will not think so. You don't know? Then you should ask! Okay~~~?(^^)

I am writing this because there's a slight chance that a total newbie Kamisori fan might take the crazy leap and get this baby for your very first Kamisori. In this case, you don't have to pretend like you have experience, I will be able to see thru anyway even if you did. So be honest with me, and I shall instruct, supply whatever you will need, but at the same time you don't have to worry about me hard selling either, if your budget is limited, lmk that as well, and we'll figure out what's best for ya!(wink)

Remember, as mentioned on my main site home page, I am doing this as my hobby, I enjoy doing this. I enjoy explaining things, choosing the right stuffs, more than getting paid actually, so I occasionally even forget to send the invoice, and get reminded by the buyers to send the bills (after they receive the parcel in some cases...)! Hahaha.... (I need a secretary....)


An intersting story regarding the box.

It was a bit of a drama to have the kiri box prepared and signed by Iwasaki-san.

When I first asked for a box to be prepared and signed by Iwasaki-san, Mizuochi-san's response was that because all Tamahagane Kamisoris were sold with signed kiri boxes, he cannot ask Iwasaki-san for a new one, which to me initially sounded a bit strange, because these Kamisoris being very old, the original boxes are mostly lost, and Mizuochi-san should know that very well.

So I gave it a good thought, why, a super kind person like Mizuochi-san would say such a strange thing, and I came up with an assumption, that Mizuochi-san was worried that it could be a fake..., and of course he could not say that directly, again because he is such a thoughtful person.

Because Mizuochi-san is mainly in charge, he is very serious to make sure that Iwasaki name shall not be soiled. So IF the one I asked the signed box turns out to be a fake/copy, by supplying a signed kiri box, Iwasaki-san and Mizuochi-san will inadvertently be helping the fakes to spread.

It seems there are some well made copies of Iwasaki Tamahagane Kamisoris going around, which I was totally unaware of.

Hence I came to the conclusion that, if the specific Kamisori which I asked the box for can be assessed by Mizuochi-san to be authentic, he might be able to get the box signed by Iwasaki-san for me. And just as I have guessed, the box was supplied as the authenticity was verified! Whew, that was a relief!


Lastly..., I don't think you need to be warned, it should be quite obvious, but to prevent accidental purchase (not sure if there's such a thing! Hahaha, but just in case!), this is NOT a bargain.

If you will go around and see what other Tamahagane Iwasakis are available on the market, you shall probably see that this is NOT a bargain at all, probably the most expensive even??? So if you are searching for a GOOD DEAL (well the definition would depend, so hard to say this one isn't but you get what I mean) maybe this one is not for you.

But if you are after either a total mint or equivalent to mint condition piece, and don't mind paying the significant extra for it, then I am happy that it has found a good new owner.(^^)

So I would recommend you to go look around first and see what are available before you take the leap and throw away your sanity, i.e. get this baby. Hahaha.

Oh yeah, one more thing regarding the overall finish.

I have total mint ones, which have never touched a stone, with the original finish, but they are not nearly as refined to be honest, many aspects are left quite rough. So for this reason, the ones I have restored have finer than the original finish, I might be bold and say MUCH finer, looking at how rough the older ones are finished (which is nice in their own way, looking more hand made, to give you an idea, they carry similar vibe to Tsukasa-san's Nokaji Nata.)

The difference should be visible even thru the photos, especially the front concave, also that the complex pattern around the lamination line is rendered clearly using a natural stone to finish (the latter might be tough to see thru photo, but you shall see in your hands very well.) This is also the case with the other Iwasaki Tamahagane Kamisori listed now too.

It is interesting to see that Iwasaki Kamisori's finish has evolved significantly over the years. IMHO, the finish Mizuochi-san is putting on current Iwasaki products is noticeably finer than what they used to on their Tamahagane products a half century ago. The current finish is their best in every aspect. Well, that's only natural huh? People, no matter at what height, improve over time.

But I being a collector, it is interesting to see what sort of evolution process Iwasaki products have come thru, so apart from those which require coarse grinding to take out deeper rust pits or ugly grinder marks inflicted by previous owners (usually barbers, amateurs are seldom so heartless), I wish to leave the original finish as much as possible.

Hence the mint ones are with less finer finish for this reason. Interesting huh?

Without being disrespectful to Mizuochi-san, let me be bold and say, this one is finished even finer than current Iwasaki finish. But this is only natural, Mizuochi-san needs to make his living, while I can spend ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD not minding the time frame at all, as I am doing this as my mad hobby.

So in short, you are paying this much for my madness. And I understand it takes another mad man to do that, so I doubt this baby will be bidding fair well to me too soon. Unless..., there are more madmen out there than I am assuming. Hihihihi. Thanks for reading all of my crazy babbling.

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