Fujiwara Yoshiaki Kasumi Gyuto Regular Thickness 180mm


Very rare Kato knives with no one attached came in. Kato-san will be making less and less kitchen knives from now on, so be quick with these if you are interested in trying his kitchen knives.


This knife is quite well made living well up to the high reputation. Details are refined in its own way, for example...,

1. The finishing Sen grind mark is running perpendicular (kiri) to the edge line which is quite unique for hand made/hand finished knives.

2. The neck being very tall, almost as tall as the handle itself.

3. Very handsome smith name and Kaou engraving which is only to be expected from a sword smith.


What's most unique about this knife is the heavy dutiness of it..., the blade thickness as well as how the edge is constructed with no bevel line almost reminds me of a Hirazukuri Tanto.

The blade is very very thick, the knife is hence quite heavy. The curve from the spine to the edge flows smoothly just like Hirazukuri Tantos, which of course means that the edge angle is quite big, so altho this knife is sold as a Gyuto, I would warn you that it is not your usual Gyuto style knife. Usual Gyutos have much thinner blade with much keener edge angle.

So if I were to categorize this knife, it would be closer to being a butcher's knife, or a slightly thin Western Deba. Most suitable usage for this knife IMO would be for taking apart larger meats, whole chicken, etc. You can of course finely slice meats or cut vegetable with it, but I would say there are other knives more suitable for such tasks.

Kato-san takes orders for thinner blade, but this will incur extra. If you wish to order a custom Fujiwara knife, with say, thinner blade, different jigane material, etc. pls contact me thru the Contact Us page. At the moment I don't have any designated pull down item for Fujiwara orders, so pls use Tojiro or Tsukasa items to contact me for Fujiwara related orders/inquiries.


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