Tojiro F-984: MV Stainless Steel Yanagi-ba 300mm


Molybdenum Vanadium steel, Tojiro's flagship stainless steel knives, with ox horn ferrule handle.

This MV (Molybdenum Vanadium) steel Hon-tanzou (traditionally laminated and forged) series is Tojiro's flagship stainless Japanese style knives.

While passionate amateur cooking fans can afford to spend much time to take care of their pure carbon steel knives, wiping and drying each time they have to leave the knife for a certain duration of time, pro chefs sometimes cannot be bothered to take care of the knife when they are already busy enough with their fish preparation.

Also, ladies who are not at all used to looking after rusting pure carbon steel knives, when they are given as birthday or anniversary presents such rusting/patinating knives from their BFs and husbands, they tend to end up not using them at all, which is such a pity, for both the BFs/hubbies as well as the rotting in idle knives themselves.

For such users, these high quality stainless knives really shine!

If one of my three favorite super knife smiths, i.e. Shigefusa, Tsukasa-san and Heiji-san, were to make good quality stainless single bevels, I would definitely introduce them, but unfortunately, among the three Heiji-san is the only person producing semi-stainless knives to begin with, and with this difficult INOX material, he can only make thinner knives such as Santoku, Nakiri, Gyuto, Sujihiki, Yanagi(only up to 270mm) etc. but not a Deba.

Hence, Tojiro's MV stainless series, especailly the Debas and longer Yanagis, are what I can recommend to ma~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ny users who prefer stainless knives.

Stainless knives, especially when it comes to Japanese style ones, are often finished cheap, since they are considered to be inferior to the carbon steel knives, but these, very much like Heiji-san's SW INOX series, are made properly in exact same way (not "exact", but let's say so for simplifying the explanation, as it is not TOO different) as more expensive pure carbon models (=Hon-tanzou), you can expect them to perform almost as good as the pure carbon knives. Also they have more expensive buffalo horn ferrule as opposed to cheap plastic ones which are usually used for stainless J style knives.

And personally, I would like say they should perform AS GOOD, at least for majority of the users. Because knives don't need to be sharpened to the max unlike razors, it is ve~~~~~~~ry unusual for pros and home chefs to refine the edge so much using ultra fine stones such as Shapton #30000 or as fine Japanese natural stones. Such refinement is an overkill anyway, one bang on the cutting board, it will be reduced to #12000 honed equivalent edge.

If the edge will only be finished on a stone around #8000~#10000 (which I believe is majority of the case), pure carbon knives and stainless knives won't perform all that different! It's like if you were to only do 100km (going straight on a highway let's say), Honda Civic and the great S2000 won't make much difference at all.

If you are wishing to give/send a J style single bevel knife as a gift to someone, especially if it's for a lady, I stro~~~~~~~ngly recommend you to check whether she can, or will be willing to, look after rusting pure carbon knives or not before you make the decision, most of the time, they don't want to be bothered!

In such cases, I consider these to be the best option!

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