Kiyohisa White Steel #1 Kiridashi "L" with Kamaji in Signed Box


The bevel is put on the left side of the knife viewed from the front side. Apart from that, this Kiridashi looks exactly like the right bevel model.

This is either for the left handed person to use normally, or for the right handed person to use for special tasks which can only be done with these left beveled Kiridashis.

Meticulously wrapped steel tip, around very beautiful and precious Kamaji base.

This knife was ordered on, believe it or not, May of 2008! So it took almost 5 full years to deliver~!!!! Kiyohisa-san's waiting time is crazy long nowadays. Be quick with these if you are interested.

I've tried my best to summarize thru a diagram, in what sort of situation these L Kiridashis are required. Any situation that shares the aspects shown in the diagram will require one. Either of the obstacle 1 or 2 will not allow you to work from the other side.

While Obst 1 is easy to understand that there's no way for you to access from the other side, Obst 2 might require a bit more careful examination. If you will carefully try and see (whether in your mind or physically), you shall see that it will not allow you to position your hand and the body for you to work with the Kiridashi comfortably enough. It's not impossible, but will be very tough to apply proper force and control from a very awkward hand and body position to the working material.

This kind of situation is often encountered when carving/sculpting, that is why a sculpting chisel full set ALWAYS carry R and L Kiridashis.

In order to carve with a Kiridashi, the bevel side needs to face the material, so in this diagram's case, even when completely disregarding the grain direction (for example, if you are carving the inside of a chisel strike ring, which is possible with Kiyohisa Kiridashi), an R Kiridashi can work only clockwise.

When the grain direction needs to be taken in to account, which is the majority of the case as this is mainly a woodworking intended tool, as shown in red, things get more complicated.

In short, what I am trying to explain here is that, THIS IS NOT A KIRIDASHI INTENDED ONLY FOR THE LEFT HANDED PERSON. If the diagram is too large for you to view on your screen, please either save it onto your PC and view, or simply hit "CTRL" and "-(minus)" simultaneously until it's downsized to your preferred viewing size.

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