Heiji "Migaki" Santoku 180mm SW INOX w/ Burnt Chestnut Handle


This is MY MOST RECOMMENDED KNIFE FOR THE LADIES. When someone comes asking for a knife for his GF or wife, I recommend this custom spec. Of course it is not a problem if guys used this knife too, I myself basically only use this knife for daily cooking.

It is also JT custom thinned blade model, making the knife lighter, which aslo contributes to preventing cracking (at the end of the cut) root vegetables when chopping.

All you J tool fans out there, mostly blokes (unfortunately??? I wish to hear from girls more often!!!), gu~~~ys, even with your secret PayPal account, you cannot buy all the tools and natural stones you want without your GF/wife finding out. You need to bribe them occasionally!

Get this knife for her, and she might let you get one or two more tools/stones. Hahaha.

This knife from Heiji, is really very different from the conventional stainless steel knives. This is something Heiji-san made tentatively for his personal use at home, and since it was much better than what he had expected, he figured it can be sold as "Heiji". He never believed stainless steel tools were worth selling as Heiji tools, but these, I totally agree with him that they are good enough to be made and sold as "Heiji" brand.

The reason for the difference is that these are,

1. Hand hammered
2. Charcoal forged
3. Watercooled

which all contributes to making the blade tougher and finer in molecular sizes = will get sharper when sharpened with a fine stone, lasts long yet easy to grind/sharpen. These are made just like his other Heiji carbon steel knives.

But one thing I need to make clear is that these are high carbon SEMI-STAINLESS. They don't rust like carbon steel, not nearly as much, but they are not as stain free like western style all steel stainless knives, due to the much higher carbon content. The steel will not rust in usage, but if you will say leave the knife overnight wet, the steel will start to rust a bit, resulting in pin hole rust in a worst case. So pls make sure to wash and roughly dry (doesn't have to be bone dry)the knife before putting away.

Also you will see much patina on the steel part of the knife, which has no effect on food, but if you mind this I suggest you try other stainless knives such as Mumon Touryu as substitute options.

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