Tsukasa Yamakogatana 105mm w/ White Oak Handle in Leather Case


Came in after 1 year and 2 months wait, so not TOO long for Tsukasa-san.(^^)

My most favorite outdoor knife maker, Tsukasa-san's knives will just not let you sharpen.... As a sharpening addict, that is the only negative that I see in Tsukasa knives. Hahaha.

Tsukasa-san's signature steel WS#2, forged with Iwasaki technology, achieves an unparallelled toughness of the edge.

To give you an example, this is my personal experience, I once accidentally dropped my Nokaji Nata direclty on to the cement floor, but the tip just got dented!

You may be thinking "Isn't denting a characteristic of softer steel???" That's an Yes and No. Yes, softer steel gets dented or bent instead of chipping while harder steel chips or cracks, BUT, super well forged tools do not chip, but gets dented or bent (unless very strong shock is applied or course.) When average hard tool is glass like, super well made ones are like glass but at the same time like very tough rubber as well.

This specific knife is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it's ju~~~~~~~~~st the right size for casual tasks, not too big like a Soe-nata or Ken-nata, but not too small that it can be used for somewhat rougher tasks. I believe this is the most frequently used size. Unless you hunt, you'd rarely need anything longer than this baby.

I myself used to own a Rentetsu model of the same knife, but someone wanted it badly, so I sold mine. I placed another order right after that, and have been waiting for..., how many years now??? Ordered on Dec 2012..., so wow close to 3 years now.... It may come in fairly soon.

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