Tsukasa Nokaji Nata 180mm with Saya and Leather Band


The selling item is, 180mm Nokaji Nata, it is shown at the bottom in the first four group photos. Others are my personal tools.

NOTICE: This item is in Australia, so Aussies are most welcome!!! The shipping fee will need to be adjusted, so pls contact thru Contact box first without making the purchase thru the auto checkout. If you prefer shorter/longer blade length, pls contact me thru the Contact box as well, and I can place the order for you. It is usually about half year wait. Thanks!


From the top in the first group photo.

1. Rentetsu 210mm Ken-nata.

2. Nokaji Nata 240mm with Pruning Saw. My handmade burl saya and saw handle.

3. This is the exact same model to the selling item, but with slightly shorter 170mm blade length, which I use so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ often, almost everyday. As you can see, the white oak handle has aged nicely, and the copper plating of the saya as well! This machete is one of my most recommended outdoor tools.

It's always a good idea to put something red (or any bright vivid color) because when you place these tools on the ground in the bush and forget to bring them back, it's often very difficult to find them the next day!!! I'm sure I am not the only clumsy bloke on this planet that does this often.

4. The selling item. The back hollow is made beautifully by hammering. Kuro-ura (black back) is not only beautiful but prevents the back from rusting. This design suits the rough nature of this tool.


Hinoura Tsukasa is one of the most well known knife and nata (Japanese style machete) maker in Japan. He makes standard line natas under the name of Ajigataya, and he make his higher quality knives and natas with his own "Tsukasa-saku (made by Tsukasa)" brand. These natas are blood and sweat of Tsukasa-san, since he makes these basically after his work making natas for Ajigataya. He puts everything he's got into this brand. The steel is White Steel #2 considering the nature of this tool. Tsukasa-san sharpens these natas to a very keen edge, so I recommend making a second bevel or rounding the edge before use to make the edge last longer.

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