Tojiro is becoming more and more famous and popular in and out of Japan, they have informed me that while some items can be delivered right away, some depending on the timing could take up to a few months if the model has run out of stock.

As I am such a super duper small fry seller (I dunno why but my bank account seems to be dry all the time..., suffering a lot to just pay the smiths for the ordered tools...), I cannot possibly stock all of these items, for most of them, I need to place the order to Tojiro once I receive your order.

Hence, depending on the item and timing, I might not be able to supply right away. If you don't mind the potential waiting, please go ahead and place the order, and I shall get back to you should there be a significant waiting time with the requested item.

If you are in a hurry, before placing the order, please contact me thru Contact Us page, and I will check with the maker what the waiting time will be like and let you know.

For all J style Tojiros, I can have a saya fashioned. Unfortunately tho, Tojiro does not provide the service, so I will have to ask Shigefusa's saya maker for this. But at least the knives that I have listed here, they are all high quality enough to be worthy of a good saya to be fashioned. If you are interested, pls request this when placing the order. The price will be in between 8000~12000JPY or so depending on the size.


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