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PC base with Wildlight Studios custom made glass knobs by Tracy Brown


While the PC base basically looks like how its shown in the photos, the photos of the glass knobs don't do justice at all (sorry Tracy, I couldn't take any better photos!) Actual knobs are much much more vivid in colour. Tracy's photos in her website shows their beauty much better than mine so if you are interested pls have a look here.


30 Badminton Street
Mount Gravatt East
Brisbane, Queensland 4122

Ph: 0414 874 382

I'm sure not many girls and ladies visit my website, BUT Tracy's glass art isn't just for girls. For instance, guys who are either married or have a girlfriend, you can't just buy all the expensive tools for yourself and expect your partner to not complain. Get a couple of these beautiful hand crafted jewelies whenever you get a new tool or a stone. They are beautiful and very very original, and believe it or not not expensive at all!!!!

Tracy is very willing to take custom orders like the one I placed (which wasn't too simple! see the blue print below), and she is very very helpful. I am thinking of asking her to make many more things for my craft.

Thru JT, I have met so~~~ many unbelievably skilled craftsmen from all over the world, I am a bit ashamed to list my craft made with limited skill. But it came out nicely enough considering my skill level and experience, I would like to share with you if not to show off! hahaha.

What a beautiful and pretty packaging!!! I can see the happy faces of the girls when they receive these from Tracy. It reminded me of Japanese packaging, which is renouned for their prettiness.

But "MY" packaging, as you all know, isn't Japanese quality at all.... My dad's is tho right? He does it so neatly doesn't he! with all the pretty and rare stamps.

Speaking of "being like Japanese" Tracy's colours are very very Japanese from my point of view. The brightness is very high but the saturation is somewhat resereved (not as stale looking as in these photos tho, much more vivid.)

I feel this a lot thru many things at least here in Sydney area. Aussies, perhaps because the Asian nations are very close, the culture tend to have quite noticeable Asian influences, which was not present in the Bay Area, California (my second home town).

For instance, many many many, well I think it's very safe to say MOST, Aussies are so good at using chopsticks. In fact many of them are even better than the native Japanese (compared to the younger generation Japanese I mean.) They can dexterously eat noodles even!

Anyway, probably because I am a Japanese, even when I use Aussie species for my PC base, it still has this very Japanese feeling to it, and the knobs, well this is my personal opinion, but I think it goes very very well, it doesn't stand out too much, nor gets burried under the loud patterns of the Tassy burl.

Oh, I just noticed, what a filthy fingernail.... A proof of a frequent tool sharpener, hahaha.

It can't look any uglier than this.... I hesitated to list these two photos, but oh well, just to show you the shape. I was just too delighted upon opening the package, I couldn't be bothered to spend any attention to the photos!



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