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Sanjyo's two most famous plane makers are Nagahiro and Hatsuhiro. First generation Nagahiro ("ʹ" Nagayoshi Yonetarou) from Sanjyo Niigata (there is another Nagahiro "Ĺ" from Tokyo so don't get mixed up) was basically the first one to use alloys (Blue Steel) for high quality plane blade, which was renowned for it's super cutting edge. First generation Hatsuhiro is this Nagahiro's apprentice. Nagahiro's brother Kikuji was helping his brother's chisel division, and as he became independent and set up his own business Nagahiro passed over the entire chisel division to Kikuji. This was the birth of Kikuhiromaru.

Kikuji had three sons. The eldest Shouji takes over Kikuhiromaru, and the second son Keizaburou became independent and started another very famous high quality chisel brand Keiju (refer to my Keiju page). The youngest brother became a saw smith (Nakaya Shinsui).

As you can see, Nagayoshi family has been a traditional carpentry tool maker all along. Recently Shouji's son Kazuyoshi has taken over the leading blacksmith of Kikuhiromaru, passing on the tradition onto the next generation.

Kikuhiromaru's chisels are known for its simple and practical design backed with high quality cutting edge offered for very reasonable price. Blue steel version which is a specially ordered model by JT is now available.

Can be ordered by the piece as well, from 6700 (3mm) ~ 13000 (48mm).

The one shown above is Hammered finish with white oak handle, with the protective laquer still on. The one below is hammered finish with boxwood handle, the laquer taken off.

The back flattened for the one shown at the bottom.

Two with red oak handle are the basic black finish with regular strike hoop. Two with boxwood handle has hammered style hoop.

From Left to right.

Hammered finish, White Steel #1
Hammered finish, Blue Steel #2
Black finish, White Steel #1

The stamps are different between each model. Blue steel model has circled "Ao(blue)" stamp above Kikuhiromaru's stamp.