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Image Item Name Price (JPY) Stock Size (mm) Origin
Tsukasa Nokaji Nata 33800 ~ Order 270 ~ 427
105 ~ 210

Total Lenght 427mm, Blade Length 210mm  
Total Lenght 365mm, Blade Length 180mm 
Total Lenght 320mm, Blade Length 150mm 
Total Lenght 270mm, Blade Length 105mm 

Hinoura Tsukasa is one of the most well known knife and nata (Japanese style machete) maker in Japan. He makes standard line natas under the name of Ajigataya, and he make his more high quality knives and natas with his own "Tsukasa-saku (made by Tsukasa)" brand. These natas are blood and sweat of Tsukasa-san, since he makes these basically after his work making natas for Ajigataya. He puts everything he's got into this brand. The steel is White Steel #2 considering the nature of this tool. Tsukasa-san sharpens these natas to a very keen edge, so I recommend making a second bevel or rounding the edge before use to make the edge last longer.

Ajigataya brand can be also ordered. The quality of the steel is the same, but the overall finish is designed so that it can be made using machines where possible. If I get enough enquiries for Ajigataya brand I will make a page for them as well.

The back hollow is made beautifully by hammering. Kuro-ura (black back) is not only beautiful but prevents the back from rusting. This design suit the rough nature of this tool.