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Tsuboaki Sumitsubo/Shutsubo

20000 ~


175~ Sanjyo,

JT most recommended handmade sumitsubo. The maker might retire soon from his old age as he is over 80 now. If you are in need of the highest quality sumitsubo, I recommend to not wait too long.

The price depends on the size and the quality of the material. Smaller shutsubo for interior work (used with red ink) with the simplest "wakaba (leaflet)" design, starts from around 20000JPY. Even smaller ones for decoration are also available and are less expensive.

Sumitsubo is in a sense similar to natural stones, beause the material quality affects the price of the Sumitsubo greatly. So when you place an order, the easiest way is for you to tell me about how much you'd like to spend, along with the size and the design type. The most expensive Tsurukame design (Crane and Turtle) with keyaki burl material would be about 150,000JPY for regurlar 225mm size Sumitsubo, so apart from the larger ones, you can think that roughly these Sumitsubo and Shutsubo range in between 20000 ~ 150,000JPY.

The burl made ones come in only once in a while (they usually go to straight to the collectors), so if you are after these, it is best if you just placed the order and forgot about it. Tsuboaki-san is asking his carpenter friends to let him know if there is any small left over piece of figured keyakis, that is why the supply is so limited. BTW, while of course such burl made Sumitsubos can be put to use, these are more for collection and decorating your alcove.