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Shigefusa Santoku (All Round Daily Kitchen Knife)   Order 150 ~ 210 Sanjo,

Shigefusa (Iizuka Tokifusa and his two sons) is the one of the most famous houchou (Japanese style chef's knife) blacksmith in Japan. Shigefusa has trained under the famous tamahagane razor maker Iwasaki Shigeyoshi for 10 years, and before he became independent he received several months of training by another very famous swordsmith Nagashima Munenori by the recommendation of Iwasaki-san.

By the age of 38 he had already been celebrated as the best houcyou maker in Japan. The beautiful poished look of Shigefusa knives are acheived by applying the special Japanese sword poishing technique creating the hazy polished look. Now with his two full grown sons beside him, Shigefusa has achieved an unrivaled state as a houchou maker.

I can take orders for all Shigefusa knives and tools. If you are interested in knives that aren't shown on the HP, let me know what you are after, and I'll get back to you with price and the waiting time.

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Kitaeji (Mokume or Damascus)

Black finish (Kasumi Kuro-shiage in Japanese)

Iizuka Family.