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Shigefusa Gyutou + Leather Sheath Making


Order 180 ~ 300 Sanjo,

Shigefusa (Iizuka Tokifusa and his two sons) is the one of the most famous houchou (Japanese style chef's knife) blacksmith in Japan. Shigefusa has trained under the famous tamahagane razor maker Iwasaki Shigeyoshi for 10 years, and before he became independent he received several months of training by another very famous swordsmith Nagashima Munenori by the recommendation of Iwasaki-san.

By the age of 38 he had already been celebrated as the best houcyou maker in Japan. The beautifully polished look of Shigefusa knives are acheived by applying the special Japanese sword poishing technique creating the hazy polished look. Now with his two full grown sons beside him, Shigefusa has achieved an unrivaled status as a houchou maker.

Gyuto can be ordered with the Western style handle shown below, or Japanese style handle.

I can take orders for all Shigefusa knives and tools. If you are interested in knives that aren't shown on the HP, let me know what you are after, and I'll get back to you with price and the waiting time.

For all Shigefusa knives, free overhauling service (as long as this site is running.)

These photos don't do justice at all to show the beauty of the Kitaeji pattern. As you can see the tang is meticulously crafted as one piece, so the Kitaeji pattern runs thru it continuously from the blade. It is a bit more expensive compared to the Wa-gyuto shown below.


The knives shown below are 180mm Kitaeji Wa-Gyuto with Hou + Water buffalo horn ferrule handle. Gyutos are good for all round usage along with the Santoku. 180mm is my recommended size for the daily household use.


210mm Kasumi finish + riveted rosewood handle. One of my most recommended knives from Shigefusa.


Sheath making for my Kitaeji Gyuto

I made this sheath a while ago, when I couldn't do anything physically demanding due to severe flu I got. It is mentally very relaxing, and physically much easier compared to woodworking, so anyone can do it! It's a great hobby in that sense.

I got basically all the tools I need (apart from the stitching pony which is my handmade of coures) from Birsall Leather & Craft, definitely one of the best leather craft shops in the world.


Birdsall Leather & Crafts
36 Chegwyn Street,
Botany NSW 2019
Sydney Australia

Contact details:
Phone: +612 9316 6299
Fax: +612 9666 4769
Email: info@birdsall-leather.com.au

Trading hours
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm
Sat: 8.30am-12.30pm
Sun: Closed

People from Birdsall are all super friendly, the quality of the leather they carry are one of a kind (they are absolutely beautiful quality), and have basically everything you need to start high level leather crafting. They even have their own tannery so the price is really really reasonable! I got half of whole cow hide which seems to last forever, and it was if I remember correctly less than AU$400.... A small Hermes coin case would cost twice as much! Anyway, go to the shop, and look for David, Tracy, or Steve. They will take really good care of you.

A radish + carrot flower made by my chef friend from Azuma restaurant in Sydney. It was made in a matter of minutes!

Iizuka Family.