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Image Item Name Price (JPY) Stock Size (mm) Origin
Mumon Touryuu Sekisou Gyutou/Petit 13000 ~

AU2, JP4

150, 240


As Shigefusa knives are carbon steel knives, I have searched for stainless alternatives which are still comparable in overall quality if not as good. After considering a few knives this and Heiji-san's new product can be recommended. Neither are as nearly as expensive as Shigefusa, much more affordable, because these involve much machine processing as opposed to 100% hand made hand finished Shigeufsa.

At the moment I can only supply 240mm gyuto and 150mm petit knife, until the mentioned stock run out. If you can order in a batch of six, I can supply basically any type that is available from this maker, and I can take 10% off from the total.

The mei "Mumon Touryuu" means something like "A dragon passing thru a gate of no gate."


It is quite difficult to show the actual beauty of this knife thru a photo. I was surprised to see it myself how different it was upon inspecting the actual knife. I've listed a few photos shot in different ways to show what this knife can look like. For the price, I think these are extremely well made knives.