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Image Item Name Price (JPY Stock Size (mm) Origin
Konobu Kiridashi 15000~ (kiri box +3000) Order Custom Tokyo


Absolutely beautifully finished and top performing tools.

Konobu is one of the best sculpting tool maker in Japan. Although Konobu is situated in Tokyo, these aren't too expensive because this brand is kind of kept hidden by the Tokyo Art University (The best Art Uni in Japan) so that their students can buy best quality tools for uninflated price. No shops in Japan sell these online, all the more shops out of Japan. But every serious sculptors knows about this brand. These are Blue Steel #1 made, but you can choose Bohler 990K (the closest steel to Tamahagane) as well (these are 42% more expensive than the BS model).

Saitou-san is the main blacksmith of Konobu, and he is featured in "Uchibamono Shokunin" from knife magazine (see book section for this book). I have met him once and ordered the below set. He was very kind person, I became a fan of him instantly, and of course his tools as well. I got his autograph on his page in the book!(^^)


Custome ordered carving knife blade and the tang