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Iwasaki Nihon Kamisori (Japanese Straight Edge Razor) POA Swedish Steel
Small 50
Large 60


Iwasaki-san (Iwasaki Shigeyoshi) and his successor Mizuochi-san (Mizuochi Ryouichi) are two outstanding human beings. I went to see them for the first time, and now I know why so many blacksmiths regard them as their masters. Not only are they great in blacksmith skill, but as a person as well. Very kind and diligent, yet humorous.

Mizuochi-san: How do I look in my Kaji-doujo (blacksmithing training ashram) uniform?
Iwasaki-san: Yeah, you look quite handsome. You remind me of when I was younger.

The back of the unifrom! Cool T-shirt. I went to get one for myself to the Doujo, but it was sold out for the time being!!! Sad~~~.

I'll try to write more when I get the time, refering to the super famous book "Hamono no Mikata (How to appraise a blade)" by Dr. Iwasaki Kousuke, Shigeyoshi-san's father. There are so many interesting stories in this book. Probably this will be the first time to be translated into English.... that is if I can get to it(^^) Stay tuned.