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Diawood All Stainless Kitchen Scissors AU$70     Sanjo,


Highest quality kitchen scissors in Japan, using the highest quality Japanese Inox stainless steel, for the blade and the body. It can be separated in to two parts in a single action without using any tools, to be cleaned or shaprened. This is what I use myself, and cannot cook without it anymore....

This shape of the scissors was designed by the super German knife maker Henkels and it has been such a long seller because of its highly practical desing (my mom is using this one in Japan) but unfortunately these don't come apart. Also cheaper models use normal iron for the handle, so once the paint comes off it starts to rust.

I haven't got the time to upload it yet, but Diawood is also known for their high quality tailor's scissors, and leather cutting scissors as well. If you are interested, contact me and I'll let you know the details.

One more thing regarding tailors scissors. If you are after the best tailors scissors in Japan (could be the best in the world), contact me and I'll get back to you with the details. But I have to warn you these are from AU$300 per pair. The steel is White Steel #1, and no matter what you cut it won't slip at all....

Mirror finish! This one has been used daily for about one year, but since it is polished, it doesn't get dirty.

This is a great invention.... Now you can clean easily, and best of all sharpen easily!

Inox stainless steel.