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Baishinshi Kunimitsu Kuri-kogatana AU$60,
AU8 130


Baishinshi Kunimitsu's history goes way back to Edo period 1750. Swordsmith Baishinshi Kouemon introduced many high quality kogatana (a small knife samurais carried) and spread the mei (brand name) of Baishinshi Kunimitsu. His son trained under the apprenticeship of Kurihara Nobuhide, a very famous swordsmiths from Sanjyo.

Umeda Kousaku is now 7th generation who is in charge of various Baishinshi Kunimitsu sculpting tools.

White Steel #2 Total Length: 245mm $60

Blue Steel #1 Total Lenght: 280mm $100
This model comes with a special handle and sheath made from single material (woodgrain matches) and waxed to prevent getting soiled.

The one shown at the top. The handle and the sheath is Japanese "hou". If you want to make it look more customized you can make the handle and the sheath as shown with my almost defectively brittle Tamahagane kuri-kogatana shown below.

This Baishinshi Kuri-kogatana uses White Steel #2.

I put a cresent shape mother of pearl inlay to show which side is the blade. It is quite dangerous if you draw the knife out without knowing which side is which. I have cut my thumb before when I drew out holding the wrong side of the handle by mistake.

Tokusei (Specially Made)
Touroku (Registered)

Clean lamination line.